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Body Massage


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (50mins) £50.00
This powerfully healing massage begins with a short consultation. After assessing your needs, a unique blend of essential oils will be made especially for you to relax, sooth, recharge, de-stress or restore.
Swedish & Thai deep tissue Massage (50mins) £55.00
A soothing full Swedish massage designed to ease away tension restoring a sense of tranquility, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. Swedish massage combines the use of long gliding strokes to manipulate the soft tissues helping the body to heal itself. It affects the body’s nerves, muscles, glands and circulation and promotes health and wellbeing. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, improves circulation to promote healthy skin and improve muscle tone.
Hot Stone full body Massage (50mins) £60.00
A hot stone massage incorporates the use of smooth volcanic stones, which are warmed, before being used during your massage. The heat from the stones feels amazing and can help aid circulation of blood skin and help relaxing tightened muscles.
Back, Neck & Shoulder massage (30mins) £32.00
Tired? No time? This is  a quick but relaxing treatment. A deep massage releasing the stress, that has accumulated in tissues, muscles and joints of back neck and shoulders.
Full body exfoliating (Scrubing) (25mins) £35.00
For the body exfoliating we use sea salt which is very good for removing the dead skin. It also removes ingrowing hairs and leaves your skin smooth and shiny. This is essential treatment 24hrs before spray tan.
Back cleanse (30mins) £32.00
Very relaxing deep cleansing treatment which includes cleanse, scrub, steam and mask.
Deep Tissue Massage (35mins) £50.00
Focusing on the back and shoulders to relieve tension, knots, lumps and aching muscles. This technique boosts circulation and unravels tight muscles. By loosen muscles this massage helps to elevate pain, and increase mobility. A deep manipulative massage to strengthen the nervous system, thus easing fatigue and whilst stimulating the body. Relaxing whilst being a firm massage.  
Relaxing Indian Head Massage (15mins) £15.00
Helps to restore balance in the energy flow (or chakras) of the body, leaving you feeling peaceful and tranquil. This technique has been used for thousands of years by Ayurveda healers. It release stress of headaches, relieves tightness in muscles, aids restful sleep and stimulates general health and well being. Helping the body to get rid of toxins, promoting a healthy scalp, strengthening hair follicles.  
Foot Massage (15mins) £15.00
Foot massage is an invigorating, revitalizing and yet deeply relaxing treatment that focuses on the feet and lower legs. The treatment combines different techniques, which includes stimulating reflex points on the sole of the feet.

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