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Full Arms £19.00 Buttocks £23.00 treatment-box-4
Half Arms £14.50 Woman’s Back £26.00
Under Arms (Stripe Wax) £10.50 Woman’s Stomach £22.00
Under Arms (Hot Wax) £12.50 Men’s Back £35.00
Full Legs £23.00 Eyebrow £7.00
Half Legs £16.50 Upper Lip £5.00
Upper Leg or Lower 3/4 Leg £19.00 Chin £7.00
Bikini Line (Stripe Wax) £13.00 Chin Extended Neck £12.00
Bikini Line (Hot Wax) £15.00 Sides £10.00
Extended Bikini Line (Strip Wax) £19.00 Full Face (excluding eyebrows) £30.00
Extended Bikini Line (Hot Wax) £21.00
Brazilian (Stripe Wax) £26.00 Waxing Combo’s
Brazilian (Hot Wax) £31.00 Half Leg + Bikini Line £26.00
Hollywood (Stripe Wax) £31.00 Full Leg + Bikini Line £33.00
Hollywood (Hot Wax) £36.00 Full Wax (Full Arms + Full Legs
+ Under Arms + Bikini Line)
Full Body Wax (Full Arms + Full Legs
+ Under Arms +Stomach + Back
+ Bikini Line)

Female Waxing
Our fully trained beauty therapists are professional, friendly and caring. We offer full range of professional hair removal with hot and strip wax. These series are available to men and women too.

Brazilian Waxing
Brazilian Bikini Waxing takes all the hair off from the front and the bikini line. Only a small strip or triangle is left at the front. Very popular! You should try it too. Book today.

Hollywood Waxing
Why not try our Hollywood Waxing? Hollywood Waxing removes all of the hair, from the front, all the way to the back. Nothing is left – all bare.

If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask one of our well trained beauty therapists they will be happy to advise and help you. At Smart Look Beauty we do NOT use Strip wax on the most intimate areas to give the gentlest treatment possible!

Waxing FAQ

Does waxing hurt?
For first timers it can be painful but we minimize the pain by using a special soft wax that does not adhere to the skin. Many clients say that it is not as bad as they imagined it would be … and far less painful than normal strip wax.

Should I shave down the hair?
Your waxing may be more comfortable if the hair is shaved down but remember there MUST be at least half an inch of hair for the waxing to be effective. To guarantee this no shaving must be done within 3 weeks of your treatment. Check with us before shaving.

How can I avoid in-growing hairs?
Exfoliate the skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells. Moisturize the skin every day. If the skin is supple new growth can break through more easily reducing the risk of in-growing hairs and infection.

How long will the results last?
This is a tricky one to answer because everyone’s hair growth is different. In most cases, you will see minimal re-growth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that. Continued waxing encourages slower, sparser re-growth.

How often should I get waxed?
If you’re serious about maintaining that clean and sexy feeling, I recommend that you come in every 4 weeks for the first 4 appointments. You’ll then find that the you’ll be able to leave longer gaps between your appointments.

Waxing Aftercare
Avoid sun exposure for 24 hours; also try to avoid deodorant, hot showers, chlorinated pools, solariums, spas and saunas for 48 hours, as these will irritate the skin. Use a loofah after two days, two or three times a week to minimize ingrown hairs. Moisturize daily and don’t shave or tweeze in between appointments and you’ll get great results.

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