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Skin Care & Facials

Express Facial (20mis) £25.00 Shahnaz Herbal Facial (45mins) £43.00 treatment-box-6
Deep Cleansing Facial (40mins) £37.00 Clear Start Teenage Facial £30.00
Derma Double Cleanse Facial (45mins) £48.00 Eye Soothing Special Treatment £25.00
Age-Smart Anti Ageing Facial (50mins) £57.00 With Any Facial £15.00
Madi-Back Acne Clearing Facial (50mins) £57.00 Black Head Removal Treatment (20mins) £25.00
Dermologica Prescriptive Facial (50mins) £57.00 Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Facial (40mins) £62.00
 Dermalogica Biosurfae peel (40mins) £60.00  The Ultimate Facial (by one get one 1/2 price)  £95.00

Facials for Men & Women
Facials are one way to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

Express Facial 
In hurry? No problem. This is a quick nice and relaxing facial to give you clean and hydrated skin. Ideal in lunch time or even in between your shopping. Includes: Cleansing, Exfoliation, Toner, Massage, Moisturizing

Deep cleansing facial 
A deep cleansing and detoxifying facial is perfect to combine the effect of city living. Increases circulation and flushes out impurities thus leaving a bright and improved texture. Includes: Dual Cleanse, Exfoliation,  Steam & Extraction, Oxygen Serum, Face & Décolleté Massage, Mask, Toner, Moisturizer

Derma double cleanse facial
This is special double cleanse by dermalogica. By selecting product according to your skin type from vast range of product to give you the best result.

AGE-Smart anti ageing facial
Dermalogica anti ageing facial begin with free face mapping to analyse your skin inch by inch. This is an ultimate treatment to treat mature and premature skin. This facial is design to fight against ageing sign.

Madi-BAC acne clearing facial
This facial is specially aimed to target skins like congested, oily, acne. Special medicated products are selected from dermalogica professional range that directly target on problematic area.

Dermalogica prescriptive facial
This is one of the powerful facial begin with face mapping to analyse your skin by one of our experienced therapist. Every zones on the face have different problem, so our therapist will treat every single zone differently to give you the perfect skin.

Shahnaz herbal facial
This wonderful calming treatment comforts stressed-out skin and will leave your complexion re-balanced, smooth, cooled and restored.

Cleare-start teen age facial
This is an ultimate facial for teen age to prevent the skin from breakouts by using demalogica’s NEW and ADVANCE clear start range.

Eye soothing special treatment
This unique and anti-ageing eye treatment will melt away tension, puffiness and dark circles around the delicate eye area.

Diamond peel microdermabrasion facial
Microdermabrasion involves intense exfoliation that buff away several layers of dead skin to give you fresher and brighter looking skin without need of a chemical peel.

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